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from Our Trip To Metropolis (2007)

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from New Moon - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2009)

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from Filigree & Shadow (1986)

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from Coming From Reality (1971)

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from In the Shadow of Clinch Mountain (2000)

Selection made by Jamie Stewart [Xiu Xiu]:

This is a song about migration and hoping that this effort will improve their lives but knowing that it will not. The only place that will be better will be the grave. When you die things will be ok. “Jesus will forsake you never.” You can count on Him only and this life will destroy you. The only place you can find hope is in that this life will end.

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from Diasporas (1979)

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from Always (2012)

something wrong
will molest you in drug stupor
on onslaught constant and dry
web of oldness
makes creaking timbrel sounds
beneath the grass beyond the sky
teasing dirty furry
will lick you awake and eat your weight
before and after the words
get down put your arms under your body
the oldness
i dreamt that i was aloft
on beating wing
a sound unilke any bird’s
out of the corner of my
i saw a great bat’s wing
the oldness

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from Narrow Road To The Interior (2011)

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from Drums And Guns (2007)

One more thing before I go
One more thing I’ll ask you Lord
You may need a murderer
Someone to do your dirty work

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from This Heat (1979)

Yes I will go out there
Out there where
I know you can not find me
Hold on to the steel rail
Too long now
I know I must let go
Here I am in the ocean
Not waving but drowning
Just a nervous reaction
Please don’t rescue me
So cold I can’t feel my toes
I’ll let them go
Who needs them?
Circulations stand still
H2O can freeze you to the marrow
Learn to love the water
It will love you like there’s no tomorrow
There is no tomorrow

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from Coal Heart For Ever (1988)

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from Tryptych (2011)

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from Mondo Inquieto (1974)

[M. Zalla was one of the aliases used by the well-known italian composer Piero Umiliani]

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