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from Drums And Guns (2007)

One more thing before I go
One more thing I’ll ask you Lord
You may need a murderer
Someone to do your dirty work

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from This Heat (1979)

Yes I will go out there
Out there where
I know you can not find me
Hold on to the steel rail
Too long now
I know I must let go
Here I am in the ocean
Not waving but drowning
Just a nervous reaction
Please don’t rescue me
So cold I can’t feel my toes
I’ll let them go
Who needs them?
Circulations stand still
H2O can freeze you to the marrow
Learn to love the water
It will love you like there’s no tomorrow
There is no tomorrow

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from Coal Heart For Ever (1988)

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from Tryptych (2011)

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from Mondo Inquieto (1974)

[M. Zalla was one of the aliases used by the well-known italian composer Piero Umiliani]

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from Lagan Qord (2011)

(back lp cover)

Well the dreams only give out but one voice
And one chance to use it before the manner splits
And noble coats of arms coat their arms in copper
As fresh open their soiled mouths to sing the only song

The only song we ever thought worth singing
That it be a beauteous truth we knew it must be absurd

Well the graves put their coffin tongues back in their sodden maws
And forget how to use them until another song comes along
And the next song will be wordless and menacing
To many it won’t bear sunlight, bound in steel in thick binds

The only song we ever thought worth singing
That it be a beauteous truth we knew if must be absurd

To make no public profession of superior knowledge and to heal the sick free of charge
To wear no special garment but to dress according to the customs of the countries in which we live
To return to the house on a certain day each year for the purpose of mutual help and instruction
To seek a worthy person to succeed each member
To adopt the letters ‘DCT’ as our sign and our mark
And to keep our existence secret for a period of no less than 100 years
And then a new song will begin to be sung whether or not we’re still here


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from Revel Hidden Worlds (2010)

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from All Destructive Urges… Seem So Perfect (1996)

… sure I understand
I remember I’ve seen your face
not so real this time…

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from A Taste For Bitters (1996)

This style of living the more I think,
the more I think this means out.
This style of living the more I think,
the more I think this means it.
No more drowning and the answer,
see how my silence leaks…
see how my fingers have folded,
folded and crumble when I speak.
I see my life as a sonic tone,
I never thought it would deepen,
but you don’t care for me
and I don’t care now for anybody.

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from Brotherocean (2010)

In the summer time trying hard with your summer clothes you expected more
With your heart jumping in your chest
Jumping in your chest falling on the floor
You stay hidden in the shadows of the lane between the rule and their old house
A thousand lonely streets let me run let me run away from the burned house
Ohh, fast lane we go.

Hi life knowking in my door
Oh made to care X2

Now you spend your life waiting for a sign
Waiting for a sign living downtown in the old house
A thousand lonely years hidding in the ground
Hidding in the ground living downtown in the old house

Ohh, fast lane we go. X4
Under me to care
Tatata X4

Hi life knowking in my door
Under me to care

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from Their Bodies In A Fog (2014)

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from Deserter’s Songs (1998)

Time, all the long red lines, that take
Control, of all th smoke-like streams that flow into your
Dreams, that big blue open sea, that can’t be
Crossed, that can’t be climbed, just born
Between, oh the two white lines, distant gods and faded
Signs, of all those blinking lites, you had to pick the one tonight…

Holes, dug by little moles, angry jealous
Spies, got telephones for eyes, come to you as
Friends, all those endless ends, that can’t be
Tied, oh they make me laugh, and always make me
Cry, until they drop like flies, and sink like polished
Stones, of all the stones i throw,
How does that old song go?
How does that old song go?…

Bands, those funny little plans, that never work quite right.

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from Mother (1978)

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